Directors Message

I am delighted that you are considering Hayatabad Model School, and look forward to meeting you and your family as you begin the quest of finding the right school for your child.

Hayatabad Model School has been educating boys and girls since 1998, and though much has changed over the years, our mission remains the same. Hayatabad Model School is committed to developing students of high academic achievement, intellectual curiosity, and strong moral character. As a result, year after year, Hayatabad Model School matriculates respectful, responsible, and compassionate young adults, who are well prepared to tackle the challenges that lay ahead.

Since the beginning of Hayatabad Model School, I have had the opportunity to observe this unique institution up close. I’ve seen its commitment to academic excellence, its dynamic student body, an incredibly committed faculty, and a loving community where the students and families are proud and supportive of one another.

Hayatabad Model School educational environment reflects the world in which our students will one day live and work. Beyond mastering academic disciplines, Hayatabad Model School students are taught to respect all people and things, to be honest with themselves and others, put forth maximum effort, and seek ways to support their communities.

Again, welcome to Hayatabad Model School. As you begin this important admission process for your child, it is my hope that by meeting our students, teachers, administrators, parents, and alumni, you will begin to understand our mission and what it means to be a part of the Hayatabad Model School community. I encourage you to schedule a time to come and experience Hayatabad Model School for yourself.

Courses Details

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  • Playgroup
  • Nursery
  • Prep
  • Class 1-4
  • Class 5-7
  • Class 8-10
  • Noor Sons
  • Read And Grow, Afaq, Maze
  • Read And Grow, Affaq, Al-Gaba, Oxford
  • Oxford, Gohar, Win, Munawar, KPK Paramount
  • Oxford, Win, Noorsons, KPK Text Book
  • KPK Text Book, Peshawar Board
PlaygroupNoor Sons
NurseryRead And Grow, Afaq, Maze
PrepRead And Grow, Affaq, Al-Gaba, Oxford
Class 1-4Oxford, Gohar, Win, Munawar, KPK Paramount
Class 5-7Oxford, Win, Noorsons, KPK Text Book
Class 8-10KPK Text Book, Peshawar Board

Fee Structure 2020-2021

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  • Admission Fee P.G to Class 7th
  • Admission Fee Class 8th , 9th , 10th
  • Tuition Fee P.G to Class 7th
  • Tuition Fee Class 8th , 9th , 10th
  • Annual Exam Fee P.G to Class 7th
  • Annual Exam Fee Class 8th , 9th , 10th
  • Conveyance Charges (Within Hayatabad)
  • Conveyance Charges (Outside Hayatabad)
  • 15,000
  • 20,000
  • 3,870
  • 4,350
  • 1,500
  • 1,700
  • 1,900
  • 2,000
Admission Fee P.G to Class 7th15,000
Admission Fee Class 8th , 9th , 10th3,870
Tuition Fee Class 8th , 9th , 10th4,350
Annual Exam Fee P.G to Class 7th1,500
Annual Exam Fee Class 8th , 9th , 10th1,700
Conveyance Charges (Within Hayatabad)1,900
Conveyance Charges (Outside Hayatabad)2,000

Blackboard Learning

Societies of HMS

Hayatabad Model School has many societies including from Sports, Science, Arts, Dramatic, Media, & Bazme Adab. All societies have different Head Persons who are responsible for the betterment of the Societies. Societies are responsible for many events like Football, Volley Ball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Badminton, Science exhibition, Drawing competition, Post office day, Sports Gala, Bazme-abad, Convocation, Wall painting, Debate competition, Speech and Tableau, Play on Anar Kali, Urdu and English speeches for convocation, Annual day, The arsh sports gala, Book fair, Student council oath taking ceremony, Defence day, Science models, Tribute to martyrs of APS Peshawar, Quiz competition on Pakistan’s history, Poetry competition, Sofyana Kalam, Qawali competition, Eid-milad-un-nabi celebration, Graduation ceremony & many others.